Silverline 868871 Assorted Drill Bit Set 126-Piece

  • Silverline 868871 Assorted Drill Bit Set 126-Piece
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Product Description

  • 42 x HSS titanium drill bits 1-10mm;
  • 10 x masonry drill bits 3-10mm;
  • 10 x wood drill bits 3-10mm;
  • 42 x 25mm Cr-V driver bits: slotted,
  • PH, PZD, TRX, hex and square;
  • 5 x 200mm long wood bits 5-10mm;
  • 5 x 200mm long masonry drill bits 5-10mm;
  • 4 x hole saws 32-54mm;
  • 3 x drill stops;
  • arbor;
  • magnetic connector;
  • screwdriver;
  • countersink;
  • 2.5mm hex key.

Manufacturer's Description

Recognised and trusted throughout the UK and Europe, Silverline’s comprehensive range of tools meets both current and future demands. New products, utilising the latest technology, are being delivered every day, ensuring Silverline customers get the very latest tools.

The Silverline range includes over 5000 hand and power tools for use in the home, garden and workshop. All Silverline tools come with unbeatable guarantees - hand tools are guaranteed for life, and power tools are guaranteed for 3 years.

Subjected to thorough testing, Silverline delivers tools that comply with the very latest standards in quality and safety. Through continuous monitoring and improvement of our suppliers, we supply tools that are approved and certified with long guarantees, so you can be sure you’re investing in the best tools on the market today.

Silverline cares about the environment. As our products are sourced from factories around the world, we run continuous improvement programmes to ensure we only deliver quality tools that comply with the very latest environmental standards.

Silverline is committed to supporting human rights and upholding moral and ethical standards. We monitor our supply chain closely through a controlled programme of factory audits and assessments. To pass our audit, all suppliers must actively comply with all relevant local and international legislation and demonstrate a good, safe and healthy working environment.


Box Contains

1 x 126 piece accessory set

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